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Super Draft Regular Season Details and Rules

$90,000.00 to be won in the most popular


1st Place – $20,000.00
2nd Place – $10,000.00
3rd Place – $5,000.00
4th Place – $3,000.00
5th Place – $2,000.00
6th-10th Place – $1,000.00
11th-20th Place – $500.00
21st-30th Place – $300.00
31st-40th Place – $200.00
41st-100th Place – $100.00
101st-200th Place – $50.00

Super Draft Rules

A $1,000 per WEEK CHAMPION (Monday to Sundays games)
$1,000.00 will be awarded to the entry that accumulates the most points during each week. WEEKLY CHAMP “Payouts” commence January and will be awarded until April. A total of 14 weeks and $14,000.00! A tie in weekly payouts results in prize money being split equally.

Here’s How to Enter Super Draft:

  1. Complete the name and address section of the entry form on the entry form. (And on each additional entry)
  2. Select thirty-two (32) NHL players, whose point totals you feel will be the highest in the Regular Season. The accumulated point total of the Top 30 players you choose will be your score. (Note: if players whom you wish to select do not appear on the entry form, you may write in their names and team in the space provided) Entries with fewer than 32 players will stand as selected.
  3. Entries are $40.00 each; Bonus Offer – 3 entries for $100.00; or try our Super Bonus and receive 7 entries for $200.00.
  4. Maximum of 21 Super Draft and/or 21 Super 8 entries per entrant.
  5. Player Changes may be made to your original team up to the Entry Deadline.
  6. Mail Entries MUST be postmarked NO LATER than Entry Deadline.
  7. Courier Entries MUST be postmarked NO LATER than Entry Deadline.
  8. Fax Entries will be accepted until Entry Deadline at our multiple entry fax line (306) 252-2400.
  9. Telephone Entries will be accepted until Entry Deadline at our multiple entry telephone line (306) 252-2292.
  10. Make Payment for entries payable to: Super Draft, Box 1000, Kenaston, Sk, S0G 2N0.
  11. All fax and telephone entries must be paid by MasterCard or Visa only. No Debit Card.
  12. Final statistics taken from
All Fees And Prize Money will be paid in Canadian Currency.
In  the event of a tie Prize money will be split.

Super 8 Rules

$10,000.00 to be won

Here’s How to Enter Super 8:

1. Select eight (8) NHL players, two (2) NHL players form each of the four boxes (for a total of 8 players) in the Super 8 game on the entry form.

2. The eight player entry accumulating the most total points will win $10,000.00.

3. Above mail, fax, courier and telephone dates and times apply.

4. If you wish multiple entries – simply photocopy this copyrighted entry form.

5. Final statistics taken from

Next Final Draw Date: June 14, 2024

General Info:

  • Maximum of 12,000 forms sold
  • Failing to meet requirements to play SUPER DRAFT
    and/or SUPER 8 voids your entry.
  • The SUPER DRAFT committee decision in prize allocation is final.
  • SUPER DRAFT has the right to refuse any entry.
  • For details and updates please contact: SUPER DRAFT HOTLINE (306) 252-2100
    9:00 am – 5:00 pm CST weekdays. No collect calls.
  • Or e-mail us at:
    Use your Team ID to follow your personal progress on our website:
  • No age limit to purchase tickets
  • Member and their families of the organization may purchase tickets
  • Unclaimed prizes after 1 year will be donated to a charitable organization approved by SLGA