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Super Draft in a Nut Shell

Kenaston Hockey Pool originated in June of 1984 and has operated continually since. The concept to take the office pool and apply the interest on a larger scale emerged to form the first ever hockey draft in the 1984-85 Regular Season. The idea quickly spread and today we see many hockey drafts across Canada and the United States. They range from large participant drafts with big prize money, such as Super Draft, to fantasy leagues and commercial drafts used as business promotions.

Super Draft operates both NHL Regular Season and Playoff Drafts each year. In addition to those, Super Draft has operated a special 1998, 2002 and 2006 Winter Olympic hockey drafts. A number of Major League Baseball Drafts have been issued as well.

Super Draft has provided local employment that benefits the community as a whole. Our experience over the last 32 years has resulted in a very efficient process. The administration of a draft involves a staff of approximately 25 people. Each draft sees returning employees working at the same stations. This consistency combined with our quality control checks virtually eliminates error.

Net proceeds from Super Draft pools and contract work are allocated to Kenaston Lions Club projects and National and Provincial charities.

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