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There is $80,000.00 in prize money to be won in our popular Playoff Super Draft and Super 8 NHL League Hockey Pool.

Our Regular Season Super Draft and Super 8 lottery has $90,000 in prize money.

See the News and Updates Tab for information on the upcoming draft.

How to find the standings for 2023/2024 Draft

Click the link on our home page.
Once on the website. Click the sign in tab.
Below where it asks for an email and password, in red writing. Is the link to enter as a guest into the pools.
Click the guest access link. When the next page appears, below the 2023/2024 Regular Season box, enter the pool name Kenastonsuperdraft32 or Kenastonsuperdraft8. Then in the password box, enter password=guest.
This will get you into the pools.
Find your team by filtering in the search box with your team name.

2023-2024 Regular Season Draft

The Deadline is Tuesday, October 31st @ 11pm CST for our 2023-2024 Regular Season Draft.

Forms will be available after October 11th.

Lottery License Numbers: LR23-0038 and RR23-0193

End of Season Information

For those, that won prize money from the 2023 Playoff Draft, it is in the mail.

If you wish to view, the entire Winner’s List, view it under the Winner’s Archives Tab. Click on it from the Home Page.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy summer, and stay tuned for our Regular Season Draft dates and information to come this fall!

Round Winners 2023 Playoffs-LR#22-0210

2023 Playoff First round Winner-Jason McClean-AFIVE2-215 points.

2023 Playoff Second round Winner-Richard Richinski-RICHIERRICH2-333 points.

2023 Playoff Third round Winner-Richard Richinski RICHIERRICH2-387 points.

Pool Names and Password for

The pool names are KenastonPlayoffSuperDraft32 or KenastonPlayoffSuperDraft8.

The password: guest

Use these for pool guest access on The page is a part of the Sign In Tab.

All final data entry and verification will be done by May 5, 2023. In the meantime, any inquiries can be asked, by emailing

Finding Teams on

We are still processing teams into the system.

If you have any questions or inquiries. Please email SuperDraft direct at


2023 Playoff Form and Rules


Deadline is Friday, April 14, 2023 @ 11pm CST

The deadline was decided, before the 2 games on the 14th were scheduled.  One game was rescheduled do to a storm and one for a water break.  We can’t just change our dates, as they are approved by SLGA as a part of our license.

Playoff Draft for 2023

We are running a playoff draft.  The forms will be available after March 28th.  The deadline for entries will be Friday, April 14th @ 11pm CST.

Having trouble getting signed in to

You can do a guest only access on their website, as well.

Our pool names are: KenastonSuperDraft32 or KenastonSuperDraft8, password is “guest”.

They also have a help center for questions and inquires. Click the ? on the home page of

Going Live and finding your standings

We are getting ready for the standing to be live.

From this home page, the 2 links on the right hand side in red,  one is to view the over standings of the drafts and one for the 8’s. These links are tied to In this view you are a guest only.

To have full access to your teams and to verify the players entered. You are required to go to set up an account with them under sign in.

Use the same email you gave us, as that is how teams were entered. You claim your team on the dashboard. If there is a problem with emails or finding teams, email and we can get things fixed up. All team ID’s are first initial and last name or first and last name all together.

This is all Free, no extra costs!

A letter is coming in the mail to explain all this. Once again, Thanks for participating in Kenaston SuperDraft and please be patient, as we figure out this new way of pooling.


2022-2023 Regular Season Draft

Our next draft will be for the 2022-2023 Regular Season!

Deadline will be Tuesday, November 1, 2022 @ 11pm CST

Any questions please email–

Lottery Numbers # LR22-0045 and RR22-0265

2022 Playoff Draft Finalization

All the prize money was mailed today.

A winners list has been posted under the Winners Tab on the home page. It also includes the Winning Draft Team and Super 8 Team.

All other final letters will be mailed by the end of this week.

Everyone enjoy your summer and we look forward to seeing you participate in the Regular Season Draft this fall!

Round 3-Playoff 2022 Winners

Our round 3 winners-Bernie Bennett-BERNIEBENNETT11 and Bob Tomyn-HEAVYHARD2-457 points each. Congratulations to you both!

Round 2 Winner for 2022 Playoffs

Congratulations to our round 2 winner-Keith Ramstead-KORAMSTEAD7=356 points!

2021-2022 Regular Season Winner’s List-go to the Winner’s Archive

The final letters and prize money will be in the mail by May 27, 2022

1ST Round Winners-Lottery # LR21-0125

The first round winners are Brian Hicks-ALBERTCOALLEYS, Wayne Mitchell-CASSIDY1 and Ritchie Mallett-GERYAGENIUS each had 224 points!

2022 Playoff Draft

We are having a 2022 Playoff Draft- License# -LR21-0125 and RR22-0563

Deadline is Sunday, May 1, 2022 @ 11pm CST, please read the rules carefully.


Weekly Winner

Check out the Winners Tab for the Weekly Winner of the Regular Season 2021-2022

Confirmation Letters

Confirmation Letters just went in the mail. Please review your teams and email if there are any concerns.

Also please note, we are still having a few issues with points updating each day. Hope this will all be resolved soon.

Technical Problems

We are having a few problems with the links for our points on line. The yesterday, 7 day and 30 day columns are blank and injuries aren’t showing. We are working on these issues and hope early next week, everything will be in order. The total points, as of today are good.

Some teams didn’t down load originally as well, I hope that is taken care of.

We are using a new feed and working the bugs out. Thank you for your patiences.


Updated Information

The Links for the standings are now live. Remember that if you can’t find your team in the filter by team id, then type in your last name and filter that way.

Also, under the player frequency tab (on right hand side of home page, part way down page) is the draft and super 8, player frequency reports for this season.

We Are Back!

Kenaston SuperDraft is very excited and happy to announce, we are back!

We will run a Fall Draft for the Regular NHL Hockey Season, our Deadline will be Tuesday, November 9, 2021 @ 11pm CST.

Watch your mailbox for the new forms to arrive mid October.

Lottery License #’s=LR21-0055 and RR21-0219

2021 Playoff Draft

We are unable to run a 2021 Playoff Draft. The Covid 19 restriction in Saskatchwan are still in place. We are unable to run and work the draft as needed. Here’s  hope that by fall, things will be much different and we can resume running the Regular Season Draft.


2020-2021 Regular Season

The NHL’s announcement of running a shortened Regular Season. Will be kept interesting with Covid 19 still so present in the World. Makes you wonder, if it can be completed as planned.

With that in mind and the restriction the Saskatchewan Government have in place due to Covid 19. Kenaston SuperDraft will not be running a Regular Season Draft. We are unable to meet all the requirement necessary to have a draft.

Thank You for your continued understanding and support.

Final Letters and Prize Money

All final letters and prize money are now in the mail. Thank you again, to all who participated in the 2019-2020 Regular Season Draft.

2020 Playoff Draft

A very hard decision has been made, Kenaston SuperDraft will not be running a playoff draft this year, even if the NHL is able to make it happen.

With the uncertainty of dates for it to start and really no guarantee, we just feel there is not enough lead time to prepare to run a draft.

Our plan and hope is that there will be a NHL Regular Season for 2020/2021, and this will be the next draft we run.

Thank You for understanding and we look forward to the next draft!

Finalizing 2019-2020 Regular Season

With the announcement last week, from the NHL, that the Regular Season will not resume. Kenaston SuperDraft is now moving forward with finalizing the 2019-2020 Regular Season Draft.

We applied to SLGA to have an amendment to LR-19-0034 and RR-19-0198, to read as this:

All payouts of prize money, will be as the points stood on March 12, 2020. Because, the last 3 weeks of regular play did not happen 3 weekly winners could not be paid as normal. So, SLGA requested that we do a random draw of 3 people for $1000.00 each. (Those winners are listed on the bottom of the weekly winner list) under the winner tab. Lastly, all final letters and prize money will be in the mail by June 19, 2020.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time, and we hope all of you are safe and healthy! If you have any questions, please send us an email!

NHL Suspended!

Kenaston SuperDraft is on hold! When the NHL makes and announcement, as to what they are planning to do with the balance of the regular season. And, also their plans for the playoffs, we will move forward in our decisions. Until then, our hands are tied. Thank you for your understanding!

Links Are Live for the Standings

NOTE: If, you can’t find your team, using a Team ID. Type your last name in the filter.

Check out the Category for Player Frequency Choices, to see who was picked the most!

2019-2020 Regular Season Draft

The 2019-2020 Regular Season Draft is coming. The entry forms will be in the mail and available in early October.

DEADLINE is Tuesday, October 29th @ 11pm CST.

Look at our Rules for other information, click on the link of the PDF file!

Final Letters for Playoff Draft are in the Mail!

All final letters and prize money for the 2019 Playoff Draft are in the mail.

Thank you to everyone for participating and watch for the fall mailout in October!

Round Winner 2019 Playoffs

The third round is completed. The winner is Tim Willoughby-TWILLOUGHBY5-342 points!

The Regular Season Final Letters and Prize Money is all in the mail now!

The Links Are Live to View the Standings

The links are live to view the standings. Remember, if you can’t find your team ID, just type in Your Last name to search that way.

Under the Player Frequency Category you can see the most popular choices for the 2019 Playoffs!


Weekly Points will start on December 31, 2018 with the first payout on January 7, 2019.

Player Frequency Reports Edited

The 2018-2019 Player Frequency Reports have been redone in a different format. Hopefully, everyone can view them now.

Links and Information

The links to the standings are now live.

Please note the Colorado players have red lines thru their names. We are working on removing those. Points are still being accumulated as normal for those players.

If you can’t find your Team ID, Type in your Last Name

Look under the Player Frequency Category to see the most popular picked players!

Deadline for the Regular Season entries has passed!

The deadline has passed. The links to see the standing will be available in a few weeks.

2018-2019 Regular Season Draft

Our 2018-2019 Regular Season Draft is coming. We are currently working on the form and plan to have it available around October 3rd. The Deadline will be Tuesday, October 30, 2018 @ 11pm CST.

2018 Playoff Winners List

The 2018 Playoff Winners List is now available under the Winners Tab.

Please also note, the final letters and winners prize money is being worked on currently. They will be in the mail as soon as possible.

SuperDraft Ranking Buttons Are Now Live!

The rankings can now be viewed, remember if you can’t find your TEAM ID, just type in your last name!

Check out the Player Frequency Reports to see which players were picked the most.

Thank you to all who entered and Good Luck!

Deadline for the 2018 Playoff Draft is here!

It’s the Deadline-Thanks to all that entered!

Weekly Winner Information

Week 14 Winners of the $500.00 each-Alexander Powell-ANEMA and Murray Osborne-Ossiesselects3-114 Points.

These winners will be posted under the Winner Archive Tab each week!

Our hockey draft provides a personal team ranking according to individual NHL player selections.

Check out under the Winner History Tab to see the Regular Season Winners and Playoff Season Winners!

Also see our story and rules pages.

Super Draft is a community based NHL Hockey Pool created in 1984 as a Lion’s Club initiative to help fund key infrastructure projects in Kenaston, Saskatchewan. In addition to these projects, Super Draft provides donations to local and national charities.

Lions Club LogoKenaston Super Draft would like to thank you for your continued support of our Hockey Pool.