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There is $80,000.00 in prize money to be won in our popular Playoff Super Draft and Super 8 NHL League Hockey Pool.

Our Regular Season Super Draft and Super 8 lottery has $90,000 in prize money.

See the News and Updates Tab for information on the upcoming draft.

Weekly Winner for Week 14-Regular Season 2023-2024

The weekly winner for week 14-April 15-18, 2024-is Kyle Atkinson-Team ID-MOOSESNIPER003 and Shayne Van Dene-SHAYNE0-51 points each. Congratulations!

How to find the standings for 2023/2024 Draft

Click the link on our home page.
Once on the website. Click the sign in tab.
Below where it asks for an email and password, in red writing. Is the link to enter as a guest into the pools.
Click the guest access link. When the next page appears, below the 2023/2024 Regular Season box, enter the pool name Kenastonsuperdraft32 or Kenastonsuperdraft8. Then in the password box, enter password=guest.
This will get you into the pools.
Find your team by filtering in the search box with your team name.

2023-2024 Regular Season Draft

The Deadline is Tuesday, October 31st @ 11pm CST for our 2023-2024 Regular Season Draft.

Forms will be available after October 11th.

Lottery License Numbers: LR23-0038 and RR23-0193

End of Season Information

For those, that won prize money from the 2023 Playoff Draft, it is in the mail.

If you wish to view, the entire Winner’s List, view it under the Winner’s Archives Tab. Click on it from the Home Page.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy summer, and stay tuned for our Regular Season Draft dates and information to come this fall!

Round Winners 2023 Playoffs-LR#22-0210

2023 Playoff First round Winner-Jason McClean-AFIVE2-215 points.

2023 Playoff Second round Winner-Richard Richinski-RICHIERRICH2-333 points.

2023 Playoff Third round Winner-Richard Richinski RICHIERRICH2-387 points.

Pool Names and Password for

The pool names are KenastonPlayoffSuperDraft32 or KenastonPlayoffSuperDraft8.

The password: guest

Use these for pool guest access on The page is a part of the Sign In Tab.

All final data entry and verification will be done by May 5, 2023. In the meantime, any inquiries can be asked, by emailing

Finding Teams on

We are still processing teams into the system.

If you have any questions or inquiries. Please email SuperDraft direct at


Our hockey draft provides a personal team ranking according to individual NHL player selections.

Check out under the Winner History Tab to see the Regular Season Winners and Playoff Season Winners!

Also see our story and rules pages.

Super Draft is a community based NHL Hockey Pool created in 1984 as a Lion’s Club initiative to help fund key infrastructure projects in Kenaston, Saskatchewan. In addition to these projects, Super Draft provides donations to local and national charities.

Lions Club LogoKenaston Super Draft would like to thank you for your continued support of our Hockey Pool.