2024 Playoff Season Information

The winner’s list for the 2024 Playoff Season is posted under the Winner’s Archive.

All Prize money will be in the mail the first week of July.

Thanks to everyone for the great year, and we look forward to seeing your entries again this fall.

Watch the website for Regular Season Dates and Deadline.

2024 Playoff Season-Round Winner

Congratulations to Tom Whiteside-Team ID: TOMW197 with 200 points-Round 1 Winner!

Round 2- 3 way tie with 372 points each-James Petrie-SHARKY2, Mike Frelich-WARRIORS3 and Ron Bigras-KAMALOKAMY13.Congratulations all!

Round 3 Winner-Congratulations to Ron Bigras-Team ID: KAMALOKAMY12 with 460 points

How to find the 2024 Playoff Standings as a Guest


1. Google: Officepools.com or click on the link from Superdraft.com (right hand side of the home page)
2. When on their home page, right hand side of the page, where it says Sign in, click that
3. Go below the boxes that as for an email and password, to the RED writing that says: looking to enter a pool as a guest-Click on that
4. This brings you the guest page: the first box has 2024 Playoff Season, in it
5. In the next box: Pool Name: KenastonPlayoffSuperDraft32 or KenastonPlayoffSuperDraft8
6. In the next box: Password: Guest (for both pools)
7. This will open the standings page
8. To filter your own team out, on the right hand side is the filter team name box, you put your Team Id in there. To see the NHL players on an individual team, click the team id and the players will load.

Good Luck Everyone! Thank you for supporting KenastonSuperDraft!

How to find the standings for 2023/2024 Draft

Click the Officepools.com link on our home page.
Once on the Officepools.com website. Click the sign in tab.
Below where it asks for an email and password, in red writing. Is the link to enter as a guest into the pools.
Click the guest access link. When the next page appears, below the 2023/2024 Regular Season box, enter the pool name Kenastonsuperdraft32 or Kenastonsuperdraft8. Then in the password box, enter password=guest.
This will get you into the pools.
Find your team by filtering in the search box with your team name.

End of Season Information

For those, that won prize money from the 2023 Playoff Draft, it is in the mail.

If you wish to view, the entire Winner’s List, view it under the Winner’s Archives Tab. Click on it from the Home Page.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy summer, and stay tuned for our Regular Season Draft dates and information to come this fall!