Story with Don George

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by Sheridan Jewell

I questioned Don George as he is an original member of the Super Draft committee and has been the Chairman for the past 10 years. Don would like to add the following:

Barry Firby mentioned Oilers broadcasts. Don remembers the hour long talk shows before the Oilers home games. Barry was asked to be a guest on these for a couple of years during the Oilers playoffs in the 1980’s. They would phone between periods to get an update on Super Draft. In those days, Oilers playoff games were carried by a number of radio stations in Western Canada. This gave us great exposure.

Besides the local charities and community projects, Don would like to mention that we have done some special things like:

  • We have sponsored a child through Children’s Wish Foundation.
  • We have helped send children to the Toronto Children’s Hospital.
  • We gave a donation to Ronald McDonald House.
  • In 1992, we gave a donation towards the purchases of the first MRI in Saskatchewan at the Royal University Hospital.
  • We have donated to the Center of Care at City Hospital for Breast Cancer and St.Paul’s Hospital Foundation.

Don’s greatest memory of Super Draft, over the years, was the different ways that people chose to enter the draft, including scrap paper. The one that sticks out in his mind the most, was the guy who put his entry on toilet paper!

Approximate Revenue to Date (2017): $13,966,000.00.
Approximate Prizes Awarded: $5,770.000.00
Approximate Charity Funds: $4,500,000.00

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