Round Winners 2023 Playoffs-LR#22-0210


2023 Playoff First round Winner-Jason McClean-AFIVE2-215 points.

2023 Playoff Second round Winner-Richard Richinski-RICHIERRICH2-333 points.

2023 Playoff Third round Winner-Richard Richinski-RICHIERRICH2-387 points.

Pool Names and Password for


The pool names are KenastonPlayoffSuperDraft32 or KenastonPlayoffSuperDraft8.

The password: guest

Use these for pool guest access on The page is a part of the Sign In Tab.

All final data entry and verification will be done by May 5, 2023. In the meantime, any inquiries can be asked, by emailing

Going Live and finding your standings


We are getting ready for the standing to be live.

From this home page, the 2 links on the right hand side in red,  one is to view the over standings of the drafts and one for the 8’s. These links are tied to In this view you are a guest only.

To have full access to your teams and to verify the players entered. You are required to go to set up an account with them under sign in.

Use the same email you gave us, as that is how teams were entered. You claim your team on the dashboard. If there is a problem with emails or finding teams, email and we can get things fixed up. All team ID’s are first initial and last name or first and last name all together.

This is all Free, no extra costs!

A letter is coming in the mail to explain all this. Once again, Thanks for participating in Kenaston SuperDraft and please be patient, as we figure out this new way of pooling.