Weekly Winner Information


Week 14 Winners of the $500.00 each-Alexander Powell-ANEMA and Murray Osborne-Ossiesselects3-114 Points.

These winners will be posted under the Winner Archive Tab each week!

Weekly Point Tab

Sorry for any confusion and being late on getting the weekly points link on the website.

But it’s here now! In Recent Posts-click on Tab for Weekly Points and it will take you to link. Or scroll down on home page and it there as well.

Playoff Draft 2018

The Playoff Draft for 2018 is coming. The phones will be April 9th & 10th. With the Deadline being Tuesday, April 10, 2018 @ 11pm CST.

Watch for the forms coming soon!!

2017-2018 Regular Season Entry Form

2017-2018 Regular Season Form-Now Available!

Print it off or save it to your desktop to make it fillable. Use the “fill & sign” option of the editing a PDF. Then use the “text tool” option or click on the “check marks” to fill the boxes. These are available just above the form on a tool bar.

Deadline: Tuesday, October 31st @ 11pm CST.

Please note: No Debit Cards-Visa or MC-Charge Cards only!